Hudson – ASCS

School Name : Hudson Arts and Science Charter School
First Year of Operation : 2016
Current Grades : K-5
Current Enrollment : 476 Students

The Mission Statement

The mission of Hudson Arts and Science Charter School is to provide a high-quality STEAM-based education in a digital learning environment to empower students to meet and surpass grade level standards and succeed in college and careers.

School Building

Hudson Proficiency Scores Over Years

Annual Reports
Each year, the board of trustees of a charter school must submit an annual report the the New Jersey Department of Education, Office of Charter Schools by August 1.  The annual report is public and is readily available to all stakeholders including families, board members, administrators, and teachers. The annual report includes information regarding the school’s achievement of its mission, goals and objectives and is aligned to the Office of Charter School’s Performance Framework.  The annual report provides important information about a school’s academic performance, organizational structure and fiscal viability. 

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